Jayson Williams DWI/DUI

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Jayson Williams DWI/DUI Crashed Mercedes

Jayson Williams' crashed Mercedes-Benz SUV after driving while intoxicated in early January 2010. Williams could be facing one year jail time for DWI.

Williams Told Police that the Driver
Fled the Scene of the Accident

Last month in Manhattan, disgraced NBA star Jayson Williams was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated after he crashed his black Mercedes-Benz SUV into a tree. Williams is a former New Jersey Nets’ player, now 41, who is currently awaiting sentencing for his involvement in the 2002 shooting death of chauffer Costas (Gus) Christofi at Williams’ New Jersey house.


Surveillance Video Image of Williams' Crash

Police told prosecutors that Williams reeked of alcohol, stating to officers, from the passenger’s seat of his wrote-off 2007 SUV, that “the driver left the scene.” According to court papers, Williams then refused to comply with a standard sobriety test, both at the scene of the accident and then at Bellevue Hospital, where he was transported to for medical care.

Williams suffered a small fracture in his neck and very minor lacerations to his face.

After a court ordered blood alcohol test, Williams was found to have a blood alcohol content level of .19, more than twice the New York legal limit of .08.

“I don’t know if the blood was taken properly,” Williams’ lawyer, Linda Kenney Baden, told reporters.

Even with Baden’s doubts to the validity of the blood test and Williams’ statement to police saying he wasn’t driving, officials charged him as the driver of the vehicle, claiming he moved to the passenger seat after crashing his vehicle. This notion is believed to be backed by eye-witness testimony and images from a nearby surveillance camera that captured the 3:15 a.m. crash and events which unfolded afterwards.

Williams will likely face a year in jail for his driving while intoxicated charge, but next week he could be sentence to between 18 months and five years after he accepted a plea agreement for his involvement in Christofi’s death.

Witnesses stated that Williams was drinking heavily while showing off a shotgun in his bedroom when he fired the weapon, striking Christofi in the chest. Witnesses then told investigators that Williams placed the gun in Christofi’s hands and instructed them to lie about what had really happened.

Jayson Williams Could Receive One Year Jail Time for DWI

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