Dog Whisperer Lawsuit

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Here’s what we know…

  • Suarez claims there was $25,000 in vet bills for Gator.
  • Millan claims Suarez’s personal dog trainer was with Gator at the center, the entire time.
  • Millan says, that as a favor to the trainer, the Dog Psychology facilities were used for free.
  • Suarez and Millan reached a settlement on March 29, 2007.
  • Terms of their agreement were not disclosed.

Here’s what happened…
Cesar Millan, from National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer, was sued by Flody Suarez, producer of Book of Daniel and 8 Simple Rules. According to the lawsuit, Suarez claims his Labrador-retriever, Gator, was injured after having been left at Millan’s dog training facility, Dog Psychology Center on February 27, 2006.

Suarez stated that several hours after dropping Gator off at the facility, he received a phone call from a worker who said the dog had been taken to a veterinarian. Suarez arrived at the veterinary clinic to find that his dog was wearing an oxygen tent while gasping for air, after having been bleeding from his mouth and nose. The cause of his injury, according to Suarez, is from being forced to run on a treadmill, exhausted, while attached with a choke chain collar.

Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer Lawsuit

Cesar Millan

Flody Suarez Lawsuit

Flody Suarez

Fan’s of the show have seen images of dogs running on treadmills, being jerked back in an aggressive fashion while on walks, and other training methods imposed by and preached by Millan. Critics of Millan claim that his methods are impractical and teach fear rather than corrected behavior.

“Millan’s methods are based on flooding and punishment,” said Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Professor and Head, Section of Animal Behavior, Director of Behavior Clinic, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

“My concerns are based on his inappropriateness, inaccurate statements, and complete fabrications of explanations for dog behavior,” said Dr. Suzanne Hetts, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Co-owner of Animal Behavior Associates, Inc., Littleton, CO. “His ideas, especially those about “dominance”, are completely disconnected from the sciences of ethology and animal learning, which are our best hope for understanding and training our dogs and meeting their behavioral needs.”

Jean Donaldson, The San Francisco SPCA Director of the Academy for Dog Trainers, remarked, “practices such as physically confronting aggressive dogs and using of choke collars for fearful dogs are outrageous by even the most diluted dog training standards.” Donaldson continued to say, “A profession that has been making steady gains in its professionalism, technical sophistication and humane standards has been greatly set back.”

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  1. Can’t help but laugh upon reading Venz’s comments. That is correct. Owners should be the one be trained, not the dogs. I love animals so much. Cesar’s techniques are the best. Yes, CM rocks!

  2. Those who criticize are just jealous. Jealous that they cannot do what Cesar can do. In other words, they are the ones who are ignorant. Just sad that Season 9 is the last season. Anyway, I have copies from Season 1-7. Can still rewatch them.

  3. @Annie, I don’t think people are jealous. I’ve heard a number of professional animal trainers say that his methods can be more detrimental than helpful. Plus, the fact he is so focused on dominance is kind of strange I always thought. According to him, nearly any misbehavior is an attempt at subterfuge. It’s such a silly notion. Now we have certified doctors and veterinarians also claiming his methods are not good for pets. It’s a fun show to watch sometimes but he’s a one-trick pony (dominance!) and his methods are outdated.

  4. Ceaser, you are 100% right, tell them all to kiss your ass!!! amen, and God speed.

  5. Wow, such sour grapes from other so-called professionals. They do not understand Milan’s methods so they bad mouth them. I have watched his program from day one, and he has never abused an animal. He understands them on a deep level that science cannot understand or explain, so of course, what science does not understand it must put down. He never puts down another so-called professional, but they have no trouble reacting defensively to his methods because he is better than they are. It disgusts me to read what Jean Donaldson says. She comes off as a pompous know it all. You cannot deny Milan’s success and his love of animals. Jealousy is a very unattractive trait.

  6. I wonder how many of these so called EXPURTS and Trainers who keep running him and his methods down have had animals with problems that they couldn’t solve,euthanized???
    Seems like a lot of “SOUR GRAPES” to me.

  7. I just don’t understand why EVERY person who goes on television
    To try to help others with anything from dog training to addictions
    have to be torn apart by “so called” experts. I think Cesar is a genuine
    dog lover with nothing but the animals best interests in mind. Every
    method is going to be questioned and argued but his track record
    speaks for itself. It’s just sad that someone who dedicates their life
    to trying to help our best friends is ridiculed by people. Whether it’s
    jealousy or ignorance or boredom, it is unfortunate. I myself have
    learned a lot from him and have 5 well balanced calm submissive
    dogs because of his methods. I love CM and was sad to see DW go.
    Thank you Ceaser, for everything.

  8. Cesar is an imposter with no credentials. I would not want to have a self proclaimed Dr. Perform surgery anymore than I would want Cesar to train my dog. There are actual trainers out there that did not have the ignorant celebrities that were taken in by Cesar’s charisma and offered to back him financially. I have seen clips of Cesar with dogs that shows that he has some natural ability however he has failed to receive a proper foundation in dog training and behavior that would allow him to understand and evaluate a dog and avoid aggressive techniques. When he runs out of answers,due to lack of education and fondation, he resorts to aggression. Actual trainers that oppose Cesar’s cruel techniques are not jealous,they are disgusted by the fact that he exploits these animals to create an entertainment for those who enjoy the bloody combat between Cesar and aggressive dogs.

  9. Why is thinking about yourself as dominant over your dog even in question? I’ll always be dominant over my dog. I execrise, play, give affection, discipline, protect and feed my Sigmund. He is my dog not the otherway around. Much like a child someone “can’t control”, who else can control a dog if not its owner? I’ve heard of stories of people asking Cesar to aid with their dog after even those most sympathetic pet organizations have resorted to euthanization. He advocates against dog and breed stigma, look up “The Dog Whisperer Most Aggressive Breeds” on YouTube. Some of you, those commenting he is a one show act, can be enlighten to other technics he has in his cache of wisdom by  looking it up as well. He certainly shows how to discipline without physically punishing if you follow his work. There will always be critics but it is up to you as a responsible pet owner to make smart educated decisions on how to raise your pet. The true measure of how you’ve raised your dog will always show with how well it gets along within our human society. 

  10. Anyone who ever sees what Cesar does will see that Cesar is an absolute natural with dogs. Doesn t matter what title you hold if you don t have the connection to a dog no matter where you “studied” you won t. Succeed with animals. Cesar is naturaland his help from Daddy is adorable. He has helped so many people those who still call him no good must be out of their minds or sitting on cloud 9!!!!

  11. I love Cesar’s techniques, I applied some of the techniques to my parent’s dog, which I could not approach, to being able to pat him & for him to show no aggression or even bark at me. After all any pet’s are a wild animal, look at what happens to them when they are left to fend for themselves, they become the pack & wild animal once again, & it’s been how long since we domesticated the dog? We have also seen on his show’s what happen’s to dog’s with owners that don’t follow through, the dog get’s put down, but that’s ok isn’t it? they can always get another dog, (that is me being sarcastic by the way). There is nothing wrong with the way Cesar handles himself & the dogs he works with.

  12. First time I heard about CM was on around sept 2009 through friend.funny things all i found most of it are the negative criticism. So I start search on youtube and somebody actually post its few episodes and eventually watch his series on Nat geo wild. CM based most of his rehabilitation involved the owner and most of it works. Then his method for me wasn’t cruel at all, seems so but not if you apply it and its all depend to our self-determined. So its pretty contradictory with all this critics so far then. I am also found all these Dr. this and Dr. that was disagree with the methods, don’t forget why most the of k9 so-called experts suggest to the owner of ferocious-nutt case dog to put-down their dog (including my vet)? while CM is determine to give them a chance and don’t give up on them. I had 3 dogs and all of them was like to fight and hurt my friend when they came to visit me, most of all almost get sue from my neighbour. I am try almost everything mostly shower them with love and understand their behavior. Then I am using CM method to these 3, and it works. if this experts doesn’t like CM method then start a show or prove it with all their scientific theory-by the book, not just sell a book, not just talk and said this and that, not by your degree, nor credentials, those all goes to the wall or book case, prove it like CM did. I remember what my vet said about CM and laugh about him, then he ask me to get rid one of my dog or give them drug just because one of them lack of some gene sowhatever stuff, thank God I didn’t. They still live with me, behave, love me and everything under my control and they are still lovable and playfull. so affection after discipline? why not? its true, its happened. Don’t suggest a drugs or dog-weed, or send them back to the Maker. See all the dog in the pound. They are all unwanted and suggested by the experts to line up way to the gas chambers. Are you Dog lover? try to give them second chance, as Cesar Milan did, and I did to my three. I am even help my friend dog to behave and not just bark till its throat explode. Because of him i don’t have to pay animal trainer nor buy prescription anymore.

  13. For all those – I will only take my dog to a credentialled dog trainer, vet etc’. Been there done that and it has worked to a certain extent – he will now sit when attacking with no warning if you tell him to! – now looking at euthanizing (and after struggling through this for three years – it truly is breaking my heart adn know that many of you will have plenty to say – don’t really want to hear it as I am not dealing with this option well). I am going to try and contact Cesar to help us – notice I said us as he doesn’t just help dogs. Nothing has worked so far and I am grateful to ANYONE who can approach dogs with issues in a new light.

  14. Cesar Milan openly bragged about sneaking into the United States from Mexico (ie, he’s an illegal immigrant) – in a show about it, you will also see other illegals laughing about it and shaking his girly hand. I guess with all that money, he bought his way into citizenship, eh? Just like Obama and Rahm bought their way into office.

  15. what is an expurt

  16. I believe Cesar Millan is the best dog trainer I’ve seen. I love to watch his techniques, some of which I am able to practice and use with my pet at home and in public. Comments posted by other trainers are nonsense and wish they were like Cesar and are just outlashing and envy of him. Just because you have no professional training does not mean you can not learn from years of experience with animals their strengths, weakness, and personality. That kind of comment says alot of what they think of others without “proper foundation in training” for their profession. Keep on doing what you do Cesar and be more careful with who you work with because some people want you to faulter.

  17. Pretty sad when people with credentials are jealous and hate on someone who is born with a gift they themselves have gone to school to try and acquire but still stuck at this! So what do they do? They reticule the one person who’s got the talent they don’t have! Sad!

  18. Cesar Millan has done more for dogs than anyone else that I have ever heard of. He has saved their lives, I wish that I had heard of Cesar earlier I could have saved two Beagles from death, one was hit by a car. And the other was put down, as the family had no knowledge of how Dogs should be treated. It makes me feel sad. Keep up the good work Cesar.

  19. It’s frustrating to hear people getting so mixed up between dominant and aggressive behaviour ( dogs and trainers. ) if you are a father, you are in charge of what goes on in the house; that doesn’t make you aggressive or violent. You just want a safe, calm, happy, organised family, or ‘pack ‘. If you ‘growl’ at your kids it is to quickly communicate that you don’t accept that behaviour, not because you want to scare, intimidate or hurt them. He doesn’t ‘punish’ dogs, he uses sounds and body language they can understand. Sometimes a sharp tap to snap a dog out of a bad focus on something may look (very remotely) like punishment, but he’s not hurting the dog. They don’t live by human understanding, they can only be a dog. People humanise them too much and that’s not fair on their species. Watch a mother dog nip her pups to educate them what is expected. I have an American Staffy which I got from a dog pound. After battling with him for 5 years I now have an instantly perfect dog. I sought help from breeders, ‘trained dog behaviourists’, vets, and took him to obedience classes… which he failed the first grade 3 times!! None of those things made a major difference, then I watched one episode of “Leader of the Pack”. Caesar was explaining the use of a weighted pack to “give him a job”. With a pack and the right length lead I now have a relaxed dog sauntering beside me… Automatic sitting at every intersection within 3 weeks of wearing one. That as opposed to being dragged down the street after a cat with holes in the knee and butt of my pants!!! I now follow Cesar’s show on Foxtel, and have also since had success with an aggressive chihuahua as well.
    People are always scared to adapt to anything new/strange/unknown/different. It also threatens the incomes of those who make it out of using old methods. It’s like trying to explain to billions of religions around the world what the new mathematic formula is that proves there could never have been a creator!!!!!
    Ps, anyone curious? See Stephen Hawking’s “The Grand Design”.
    Good luck training your dogs everyone!!!

  20. @Lil Irish: What the ef does that have anything to do with it?!
    @Sally: Are you seriously commenting on someone because he or she didn’t use spellchecker? You’re ridiculous. As ridiculous these jealous idiots ripping CM for not having some type of PHD, Masters or what have you, him being able to accomplish what they have failed at numerous time (saving a dogs life) or for the obvious…..he’s a Mexican

  21. HATERS. Cesar is the MAN!

  22. Dogs are domesticated from wolves. In a wolf pack, the dominant dog, Alpha, is the leader and the Beta is the lowest status of a pack. Dominance has everything to do with training a dog. This stems from their domestication from wolves. Cats are domesticated from Large cats and cats still display antics that Big, wild cats do. Such as pouncing. If you are not dominant over your dog, he/she will act out in attempt to gain control. Such as a toddler will have a temper tantrum, the child is trying to get his/her way. This is the equivalent to dogs who pee in the house everywhere. CM is not cruel to dogs. He does NOT BEAT them into submission or with hold food for days from dogs. THAT is abuse. A tug on a leash is not abuse. As for CM having credentials or not…Who cares? Comparing training a dog to someone doing surgery is completely unvalid as those two things are completely different. Are potential dog trainers going to need a Bachelor’s from a university to train dogs?? That would be ridiculous. What credentials do other trainers have? A certificate from Petco? Please.

  23. Dear Silly Bean, I felt bad when I read your post. I have been there as well. Have had the best of the best and the very worst of the worst. Still have teeth marks to remind me of earlier days. Maybe 6 years at most with the very worst. I am a cert Vet tech and Dog trainer. I train for obedience, search and rescue, therapy, and yes protection. There is always a fine line with a dog that is already aggressive. I took in an American Eskimo Spitz that I was trying to help. The poor owner had even put up Wrought Iron Gates inside her home to keep the dog from attacking, when open the front door to let anyone in. The first day I came to meet her, Addie opened the door and Shana lunged for my throat, saving grace she was only 16 pounds. I worked with her and she became fine with me, so I even have her now. There are great trainers out there, Cesar looks on TV to me to be fine. I do not have the insight to know what “publicity” can do. I know for sure everything is not always accurate, not that I am saying he is not great. I do believe in his methods, and I do use some of them. It sure beats the PROFESSIONAL trainers THAT SAY CERTIFIED and put a choke collar on the dog then when he bites at end of leash…..HELICOPTER SWING … I have truly witnessed this and a lot of other things. Embedded collars, police shooting dogs for no reason .. and on and on… I understand your frustration, have been there, just the other day…. That’s why I am on this page. I thought about Cesar as well…. My. search and rescue dog, 114lb German/Chez dog, while walking on leash, child rushed up and then ran, My dog lunged, my stomach was In my mouth… This dog does to Wallmart, Publix, Home depot and saves lives…..I was floored. This was truly a first. He is, as we speak, in working mode, at home. I ask to sit, down, stay and leave. This will not happen (I hope again) but love and as far as I am concerned YES DISIPLINE (not mean) But DOMINANCE (sorry folks) works. You are his master and he is your guardian/protector. When I stop, He sits, and if I stand for few minutes I ask to lay. He will and does not get up. This is a refresher course. Dogs are and can be very territorial, they are all descendants of Wolves. DNA does not lie. Every dog has it in their original DNA, we as owners must learn to recognize the signs, prior to an event, and control it.(and I always say if possible) that’s because I have seen the best trained dogs in the world have serious issues. I do not think it would be a bad idea to consult Cesar, especially considering the alternative… If you were in South Florida, I would take before alternative. If you have no alternative post back, and I will make arrangements to help. Joy


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